All Weather Ceramic Beads for Road Marking
All Weather Ceramic Beads for Road Marking

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All Weather Ceramic Beads for Road Marking
All weather Ceramic Beads can improve road safety. 

It’s the updated bead of normal reflective products.

Most Efficient Optics for Liquid-applied Markings
Each all-weather bead is a pavement marking optical system comprised of microcrystalline ceramic beads, binder and pigments.

Easily Installed by Double-drop Systems
As the first drop of a double-drop system, the all weather beads provide visibility to motorists in both wet and dry conditions.
They are effective as either new marking applications or as part of a maintenance marking application. 


Technical Data Sheet of All weather Ceramic beads
Brand name: MRM
Application: Road marking

AWW: Ceramic Beads (White)   AWY: Ceramic Beads (Yellow)