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M R M CO., LTD is a specialist manufacture and exporter of traffic safety materials and pool finish glass beads. 
    We have developed new traffic safety products according to different country’s road and temperature conditions, for instance the rain night reflective glass beads. Most of these products were applied in China, Southeast Asia, furthermore, we extended our products to various spec. and color of glass beads to meet customer’s requirement, now we already exported to Australia, Malaysia, Korea and Southeast Asia etc.
    And our beads swimming pool finish are the newest line of premium specialty aggregates. This versatile colored glass product is available in clear and iridescent irregular shaped beads and can be used in swimming pool finishes, floors, counter tops, and other specialty decorative structures to create an enhanced shimmer. Our glass bead allows for a reflective brilliance, silky smooth texture, and light transparency all in one material. 

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